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About Tone DeTox™

Many of us have weight problems. In my 12 years of working in the weight loss field, I have noticed that many people who need to lose weight donít eat that much. After years of banging my head and trying to understand how this could be, I had a revelation.

It came to me when I was assisting with after patient care for gastric bypass patients. I made certain that patients ate or drank enough protein, vitamins and minerals to grow, maintain and repair properly so they could live a healthier life.

The principal theory of the gastric bypass is to create a 2-4 oz pouch of stomach, then bypass 2/3rd of the small intestine. Bypassing 2/3rds of small intestine results in less time for calories to be absorbed. This inability to absorb calories, combined with less calorie intake, stimulates weight loss. The problem with GB is that the patient permanently has their intestines rearranged, sometimes with fatal side effects.

It all makes sense to me now. Itís not just about food intake or how much you expend with metabolism and exercise. The absorption of calories is really the #1 concern. The body is so intelligent it even created microscopic fingerlike projections known as villi. These villi greatly increase the surface area of the small intestine to maximize caloric and nutrient absorption.

I set out to find a product that sped up the movement of food throughout the GI tract. Increasing the rate at which food moves through the GI tract causes weight loss by reducing the calories absorbed. The "side effect" or additional benefit of Tone deTox is simple. Have you ever left a meal sitting out for 2 or 3 days? What happens? It starts to break down. The same thing happens in your intestines. The longer food remains in your intestinal tract, the more gas is produced as a by-product of bacterial metabolism, which often leads to bloating. It can cause toxins to be absorbed into the blood stream. As a result, the immune system has to attack these toxins leaving its defenses more prone to attack. Tone deTox works by increasing the rate at which food moves through the GI tract.* This reduces calorie absorption which encourages weight loss.* The food also has less time to break down which leads to fewer toxins inside the intestinal tract and in the blood stream. This means more energy and a stronger immune system.* If you want to lose weight, detoxify and tone up, you need Tone deTox!*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product
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